Excellence in Umbria

In the central Italian region of Umbria, quality and tradition are the driving forces of a vibrant artisan culture.

Umbria, like most regions in Italy, specializes in a number of artisan crafts and produces some of the finest and luxury handmade products in the world; from ceramics to chocolate, from fine food to traditional handmade textile, every product in Umbria tells a story about passion, tradition and spirituality.

Where Umbrian ceramics have a history that stretches over 500 years back in time, Umbria’s world class cashmere production dates back a mere generation or two.

That said, in less than thirty years more than 500 cashmere manufacturers (concentrated in the province of Perugia, nicknamed “the Cashmere Valley“) sprung up in the region, which now produces almost half of all of Italy’s cashmere wares and certainly all of its highest quality knitwear. It is exactly in this exciting and inspiring context that artisans in the Maglificio Artigianale 3P live and create their exceptional products.

Maglificio 3P cashmere

Maglificio Artigianale 3P launched its business in 1986, in the medieval village of Valfabbrica situated 25 km north-east of Perugia and Assisi; since then, a small team of 20 highly specialized artisans is dedicated to the production of refined pure cashmere handicrafts.

Passion, precision and attention for the details are the main skills of these clever artists and the basic ingredients that make any single product created by Maglificio 3P an unique and timeless masterpiece.

Maglificio 3P stylists design a brand new collection every year, paying close attention to colors and fashion trends; beside producing its own collection, Maglificio 3P also works for some of the most recognized and prestigious Italian fashion brands.

The Maglificio 3P collection includes a large variety of cardigans, sweaters, scarves, gloves, hats and accessories; each product comes in different sizes and colors, manufactured using some of the finest cashmere yarns in the world.

The Maglificio 3P preferred choice for its products is a woolen yarns, made in Italy employing cutting-edge technologies to reach extreme softness and warmth. Contact us to get more information about the origin and the characteristics of the prestigious cashmere yarns used by Maglificio 3P.

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